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Welcome to the engine room of censorship resistant publishing and digital advertising..

What is Vabble?

Vabble platform plays a non-censorable host to a wide range of published media, everything from Video, Film, Documentaries, Podcasts, Articles and Books by creating an environment which is open, transparent and backed by policy hosted on IPFS, all while providing advertisers a new fair form of advertising that’s highly relevant to the receiver and provides users the experience of non-intrusive ads.

The Vabble Token, built on Ethereum Blockchain, is used to reward users for receiving ads Via push notification. A users reward is then used to pay publishers on Vabble automatically by calculating the duration of attention a user gives to a publishers content. This eco-system will provide a more fair and trustful environment for all parties using Vabble.

The Vabble Framework

At the core of Vabble is the attention framework, a mechanism which tracks the duration of a users attention to content and advertisements on Vabble. It is triggered upon an interaction with published content or advertisement. The mechanism only knows each individual by their assigned bitcoin or Vab token public key and not by their username or otherwise.

Our framework for censorship resistance is through our social media policy which is hosted on IPFS. Its hash is included in very transaction of VAB Token therefore Vab is valued against our policy. Each transaction of Vab is not only a reward for advertising or consuming content but guarantees the user experienced censorship resistant content. If at any moment content is censored on Vabble and rewards have been issued to publishers, our policy is breached and this deems our token worthless.

There’s more than one

Problem to solve

Digital Censorship

Digital Censorship is increasing.

In the past 2 years, digital censorship increased by 200%.

During height of coronavirus pandemic censorship spiked by a further 600%.

Popular platforms implementing automatic censorship systems.


Digital Advertising

615 million people, 11% of all internet traffic are using adblockers.

39% of advertisements not reaching the desired customer.

Bot fraud impacting over 41% of ads with 32% of video ad impressions being fraudulent.


Publishers Revenue

Google and YouTube take over 55% + of a publishers revenue and ad revenue is down over 60%.

Authors receive average 16% royalties of sales.

Podcasters receive less than $0.004 cent royalty per stream.

Amazon prime share approximately $0.04 cent per hour per stream.

And here are

Our solutions

Censorship Solution

Policy devised to stop censorship, stored on IPFS and hashed.

Each transaction of VAB token includes policy hash.

Token backed by and valued against censorship resistance.

No storing of user data.

Attention time and attention too directly connected with public keys only.

Controlled advertising equals no high paying customers for narrative driven censorship.

Advertising Solution

Contract based Advertising.

Strongest of targeting metrics based attention time.

Non-intrusive ads are more interesting and trustworthy.

Zero Bots

Revenue Solution

70% of our advertising revenue shared with users and therefore publishers.

Authors receive 60% + of book royalties.

Publisher savings accounts with high interest rates.

Vabble Beta Results

We’ve already tested the waters.

The Vabble Beta was held over a 9 month period, March – December 2017. The initial platform played host only to publishers of video content as means to network, collaborate and distribute content among themselves.

All functionality for Video publishing was live including project planning and team management.

Our beta provided us with some important growth metrics. We received over 5,000 new users, 200,000 User Sessions, 1,000,000 Page views and an above average bounce rate of 39%. Average bounce rate for platforms is 41 – 55%. In simple terms, more than the average amount of new potential users who landed on Vabble, signed up. Finally, over 1000 videos on YouTube are linking to Vabble in their description boxes.

After Beta completed, we sent out our survey to all users and asked what they thought. The results were unanimous. Publishers loved it!

“Vabble is the best alternative to most streaming platforms I’ve used, including Amazon. It has everything a creator would need except for a way to generate revenue, and for a users experience, it will captivate them. If you find a way for people to generate revenue, you will have a top streaming platform on your hands.”

After closing Beta, we struggled to develop a method of revenue generation for publishers but after almost 3 full years we have devised a plan through use of Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Financed (DeFi) which resolves one of the only problems Beta users experienced.

New users
User Sessions
Page Views
Average Bounce Rate
YouTube Video Descriptions Linking Vabble

Vabble Token

Leveraging demand for steaming to deliver cryptocurrency to millions of consumers

Use Cases


Advertising Reward

Vab tokens are issued to users of Vabble as reward for receiving a non-intrusive advertisement.

Rank Reward

Vab is also issued in small sums to users as their Vabble rank increases through consuming content and engaging with other users.

Users Spend

Users may also spend their rewards on site to purchase a publishers merchandise in the publishers merchandise store.

Attention Reward

Users rewards are automatically distributed to publishers in denominations based on the percentage of time a users attention is given to a publishers content

Publisher Reward

Rewards a publisher receives are deposited into their on-platform wallets. These wallets are directly connected to a publishers Vabble Debt Card

Publishers Spend

Publishers may spend their Vab rewards anywhere in the world so long as Visa debt is accepted.

DeFi & Smart Contracts Overview

Vabble are implementing a DAO (Decentralized Antonymous Organisation) system into their platform to preform a number of tasks completely controlled by stakeholders and separated from the Vabble organisation itself. In doing so, Vabble removes many centralization dependencies which other streaming platforms control and in often times, abuse. Vabble are also implementing a number of smart contracts to automate a number of processes which also aids in achieving complete decentralization.

As an entirety, the Vabble DeFi layer and smart contract implementations take control of:

  1. Savings Accounts.
  2. Loans Applications.
  3. Interest Rates.
  4. Advertising Rewards.
  5. Publisher Rewards.
  6. Rank Rewards.
  7. Content removal.

removing all centralized control from Vabble itself in relation to movement of VAB token within the ecosystem and content moderation, if required.

DAO - DCR (Decentralized Content Removal)

What is a DCR?

DCR is a self governing content removal body controlled by voters (Stakeholders). Content flagged by users on Vabble deemed to be in breach of policy is referred to the DCR voting portal within the staking dashboard.

DCR Voting.

In order to Vote, VAB holders send their tokens into the voting portal which are then “locked up” and become stakeholders. Voters (Stakeholders) may vote with weight of VAB which is locked for the removal of content flagged by Vabble users.

A successful voting period is calculated by weight. As an example, Podcast X has been flagged by users as it appears to be recruiting for terrorism. Two proposals are delivered to the voting portal:

  1. Content is recruiting for terrorism
  2. Content is not recruiting for terrorism

100 stakeholders hold 1000 VAB and vote for proposal 1 where as 80 stakeholders holding 800 VAB vote for proposal 2. Proposal 1 wins with 55% of the vote and therefore content is removed autonomously.

Once a vote has been taken by stakeholder, they may change vote as so long as no less than 5 minutes left in the voting period.

Voting period.

Voting period’s at present are either 1 hour or (if content is more than 45 minutes in duration) 150% of duration of content allowing voters to investigate content up for vote with sufficient time for decision making and taking vote.

Stakeholder interest rates.

For stakeholders (Voters) who lock up their VAB, receive interest for their input. As of July 2020, interest rates are:

  • 1 Day = 0.1% per day
  • 1 Week = 1.2% per week (0.1% per day for 7 days plus 0.5% bonus upon week end)
  • 1 Month = 7% per month (1.2% per week for 4 weeks plus 2.2% bonus upon month end)

Interest rates funding is supplied by a deposit of collateral made by Vabble upon initialization. 60% of remaining VAB tokens held by Vabble after ICO are sent into DAO system. (See tokenomics for more information)

S.L.I.R (Savings, Loans, Interest Rates, Rewards)

Saving Accounts Overview

Savings accounts may be opened by publishers of content on Vabble. Publishers receive rewards from users on a daily basis. Publishers may allocate a percentage of rewards received to be deposited into their savings account. Savings accounts are essentially staking percentages of rewards for loans in return for interest but in order to deliver such technology to general people, we are branding staking as savings for familiarity.

How do they work?

A savings account is a smart contract and requires 3 pieces of information from a publisher. Once information required is complete, a smart contract is created. Once per day, the smart contract automatically takes X% of a publishers rewards and deposits them into the publishers savings account. Each reward transferred from a user to a publisher is recorded in the smart contract. The smart contract uses this information to calculate the required percentage to save using the agreed upon percentage at time of creating the smart contract. If the publisher withdraws rewards on a day prior the smart contracts deduction and there is not enough rewards left to meet requirements set forth in the contract, the savings account and smart contract are automatically terminated and destroyed. To prevent this problem, in a publishers wallet dashboard, a breakdown of daily rewards are displayed as such:

  1. Balance Available for Withdrawal.
  2. Balance Available for Savings.
  3. Total Balance.

These balances are based on total rewards received since previous savings deduction OR since savings account creation if withdrawal is taking place on day 1 of opening savings account.

A publisher may withdraw all of total balance (Both available for savings and available for withdrawal). Having a savings account does not “lock” any percentage of daily rewards until the smart contract deducts from balance to savings account.

Finally, a notification will be sent to the publisher prior withdrawal completion reminding them of the potential problem and the outcome of such actions.

Opening Savings Account

Opening a savings account creates a smart contract. Prior to completing the smart contract, a publisher must complete the following information:

  1. Term of Account.
  2. Percentage of daily rewards to be saved.
  3. Interest rate automatically calculated based on 1 & 2.


Publisher agrees to save 10% of rewards for 1 year with interest rate of 7%.

Account Term.

All savings accounts require a selection of term from one of the following options.

  • 1 month term
  • 3 month term
  • 6 month term
  • 1 year term

No rewards may be withdrawn while account is in term. Upon term expiry, all savings plus interest may be withdrawn immediately.

AER (Interest Rates)

Interest rates vary for each term:

  1. 0.3% for 1 month
  2. 1.5% for 3 months
  3. 3.2% for 6 months
  4. 7% for 12 months

Savings Allocation

Rewards in publishers savings accounts are used to fund loans requested by users. Their interest is paid by either a users advertising rewards or collateral put up by users. (See loans for more information)